Will Avatar The Way of Water’s Sequels Continue Saldaña’s Box Office Record?

The sequels to Avatar: The Way of Water has the potential to help Zoe Saldaña keep breaking box office records. She will appear in three more James Cameron Avatar sequels, and it’s not impossible that one, two, or all of them will gross $2 billion worldwide. Her next opportunity will come in December 2024 when Avatar 3 reaches theaters, but Avatar 5’s debut could be her best chance to achieve the goal. The fifth installment of James Cameron’s Avatar series will mark the series’ conclusion, making it a huge draw for theatergoers.

Zoe Saldaña holds the record for the most successful box office run with four $2 billion films, even if Avatar: The Way of Water sequels are never added. To even compete with her, the MCU may need to release some forthcoming films with Phase 3 heroes who are returning. Naturally, $2 billion blockbusters like Avengers: Secret Wars are also likely to feature Zoe Saldaa’s Gamora, making her the most probable contender to surpass her previous high.