James Gunn Keeps Fighting In Frustration Fans Of Henry Cavill’s Superman

James Gunn, the head of DC Studios, is still battling irate fans following Henry Cavill’s departure as Superman in the DC Universe. Fans of Cavill’s portrayal of Superman in 2022 experienced an emotional roller coaster. 

The British actor returned to the then-DCEU in Black Adam after being missing from it since 2017 in the Man of Steel role. Even though Cavill just had a brief cameo in the Dwayne Johnson-led movie, it was intended to mark Cavill’s Superman’s fresh beginning in the DC Extended Universe. There was anticipation for the upcoming Man of Steel 2 and relief that his franchise was being revived.

But Cavill’s time as Superman truly came to an end with the establishment of DC Studios. Cavill won’t be a part of the DCU’s plans for a relaunch, which are in the works. However, some people are still not happy with the choice made in December.

Gunn, who was named co-CEO of DC Studios in November 2022, is still debating Cavill’s Superman departure with irate fans. A fan argued with director James Gunn for having “pissed off an entire franchise” in a recent Instagram post depicting the director’s cat. But Gunn quickly fired back, engaging in the following conversation:

@edgedmoon1141: “F*** your cat dude. You pissed off an entire franchise worth of fans. Nobody gives a rats ass about your cat. #Cavilisclark”

Gunn: “@edgedmoon1141 It’d be great if at the very least you knew how to spell an actor’s name if you were going to