Mack Keane And ESTA Release New Single “Super”

With their new song “Super,” the up-and-coming singer/producer team Mack Keane and ESTA are back.

Keane sings on the ups and downs of coping with his sweetheart as his gentle voice carry over the laid-back music. He accepts her for who she is and values the love she brings to the table.

“Now we’re diving in / And you know we can’t pretend / This is ordinary / We’ll be / Super duper lover, nobody like me / Super human lover / Your body’s so sweet,” Keane sings.

Discussing the new track, ESTA and Keane said in a joint Instagram post that “Super” was “the first song we made back in early 2020, crazy how things come back around.”

Soon after Keane’s streak of solo albums, which were all released in 2019, he and ESTA started collaborating. In November 2021, “Open Up,” their first single, was released.

Intersections, a joint EP by Keane and ESTA featuring Joyce Wrice and Destin Conrad, was released in the spring of 2022.

“The project is really about finding balance in your life through hardships and heartbreak,” they said in a joint statement. “There are always ebbs and flows, decline and regrowth; it’s the rhythm of living. But you want to end up right in the middle where those opposites meet – the intersection.”