Latest EP By Coco Jones “What I Didn’t Tell You” Is Now Available In Deluxe Edition

High Standardz/Def Jam Recordings has released “What I Didn’t Tell You (Deluxe),” an enhanced version of Coco Jones’ 2022 EP. The album contains four brand-new tracks in addition to all the songs from “What I Didn’t Tell You,” including “ICU” and “Caliber.” Her duet with Babyface, “Simple,” which is also included on the venerable singer and songwriter’s most recent album, Girls Night Out, is one of the new tracks.

“Fallin” drips with the honeycomb’s richness. Here, Jones discovers herself smitten with a man who can satisfy her in bed: “I think I’m fallin’ in love with you and your body.” Jones tells a conceited ex of who they were before they were famous and how she contributed to their upgrading in the catchy “Put You On.”

“Had to change the way you flex / Had you runnin’ up a check / Had to put you on game,” Jones sings over a production reminiscent of DeBarge’s 1983 classic “A Dream.” On November 4, 2022, Jones released “What I Didn’t Tell You.” Jones sang “ICU” on the BET Amplified stage at the 2022 Soul Train Awards as part of her promotional tour.

“What I Didn’t Tell You is all about the stories that happen off camera,” Jones explained. “This project will hopefully share my real-life experiences with my fans and show them that I’m just like them. Sometimes people see me as the characters I play, but these stories are my own script.”

In addition to performing music, Jones will return to the popular drama Bel-Air, a reworking of the popular sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where she played Hilary Banks.

Jones said to W Magazine when asked what she wanted to see more of in the upcoming season of Bel-Air, “I want to see more of Hilary being in love, and I want to see her be successful. I think she’s on the journey, but I want to see her make it.” In the same interview, Jones shared how she and the character she plays are similar: “We are headstrong in our goals. We know exactly what we want out of life.”

Season two of Bel-Air premieres Feb. 23. 

Stream Coco Jones’ What I Didn’t Tell You (Deluxe) EP.