Premiere: Chandler Shares The Vulnerable Alternative-Pop Single “All Alone”

Young up-and-coming artist, Chandler, drops his third single following “Nightlight” and “Miss Me and You Hate It.” The Alternative-Pop track, titled “All Alone,” was inspired by Jay-Z’s live performance of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” at the Glastonbury festival in 2008. 

“Something about his vocals on the Oasis song inspired me in a creative way. I received a rush of inspiration and immediately recorded and wrote the song in about 15 minutes,” reveals Chandler

“All Alone” is about the never-ending yearning for a long-lost lover, especially when feeling lonesome. “It’s like no one wants to openly express what they think about someone they used to love when they’re all alone, but this kind of highlights that moment,” says Chandler.

The talented songwriter successfully translates his thoughts into the lyrics: “Yeah, I just wanna get high with you/ I don’t wanna fight with you/ I just wanna lay beside when you fall asleep girl/ Sweet dream shit/ Yeah maybe this is something we can fix because/ Things just ain’t been the same ever since you hit quit.”

The song brings a vulnerability to the forefront by admitting to missing that special someone and sending them the message: “I know you feel it, you might still have feelings but my life changed, yours didn’t/ And you wouldn’t still think I do but sometimes/ I still think about you when I’m all alone, all alone.”

Speaking of his innate talent for writing heartfelt lyrics, Chandler explains: “I think it started with poetry. It was an emotional outlet I found to be an expressional canvas of words, merging into music just made the whole thing more beautifully complex.”

Chandler creates songs that instantly resonate with the audience. He unravels new emotions in listeners and helps them connect with parts of themselves that they are afraid to explore. With songs like “All Alone” and “Nightlight,” the rising artist continues to prove to be a cut above the rest.

Listen to “All Alone” on Spotify: