GOT The Beat Drops First Mini Album “Stamp On It”

On Monday, GOT the beat, a seven-person female group from K-pop titan SM Entertainment, released its first mini-album, “Stamp On It.” A groovy piano melody and powerful 808 bass beats make up the R&B hip-hop dance tune “Stamp On It,” which serves as the album’s title track.

The intense rivalry to excel on stage is the main theme of the lyrics. The title track’s music video is similarly gritty and potent, with a caper movie theme. The label’s “Girls On Top” concept, which intended to unite the many voices of female musicians, was launched with the first subunit, GOT the beat.

Early last year, the ensemble made their debut with the song “Step back.” Along with Taeyeon and Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, the unit is led by K-pop artist BoA. Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi, who concentrate on dance and performance, are among the other members. Karina and Winter of the new female group Aespa are also traveling.

Each participant has been individually dressed for the footage in order to highlight their individual qualities and produce a compelling collective. One of the choreography’s characteristic moves is a stomping motion devised by the renowned dance group Lachica.

With a variety of dancing patterns, hand gestures, and facial emotions, GOT the beat delivered a strong and assured performance. The six songs on the album include “Stamp On It,” the main track, as well as “Goddess Level,” “Alter Ego,” “Rose,” “Outlaw,” and “MALA.”

A strong dance tune with trap-heavy beats and rhythmic brass tones is the side track “Goddess Level.” Another dance tune with breakbeats and several base lifts, “Alter Ego” raises awareness for the sustainability movement while discussing environmental problems.

The R&B hip-hop song “Rose” starts off with a simple beat that works nicely with the act’s stylish vocals. A dance tune called “Outlaw” adds powerful base pumps and synths to showcase both the track’s low voices and its exhilarating high vocals.

The 808 bass beat and flute notes in the song “MALA” create a hybrid pop vibe. Instead of worrying about other things, it is about savoring each moment with the person you love. On Thursday’s episode of the regional music, chart show “M Countdown,” GOT the Beat will play the song’s title tune live on the broadcast for the first time.