Vedo Releases New Album “Mood Swings”

The follow-up to 2021’s 1320, singer-songwriter Vedo’s sixth album, Mood Swings, has been made available. Vedo exposes everything throughout the course of the 13-track collection, enabling listeners to grasp the importance of the album’s name.

With “Waterfalls,” he kicks off Mood Swings’ bedroom before moving on to “You and Me,” a classic feel-good highlight co-produced by Troy Taylor, ChiChi, and Fridayy. There are no two songs that sound the same on Mood Swings as Vedo explores the ideas of love, lovemaking, moving on, and more.

“This is my first album where I actually had a team of writers come in and assist me with this project and we all got the chance to really learn from each other. But the music speaks for itself, and we just want you to feel…whatever the emotion or mood is,” Vedo said of the album’s creative process.

The lead track from Mood Swings is “Forever,” which was created by Needlz. Since its release on November 18, 2022, the song has had about 946,000 streams on Spotify. At the red carpet special for the 2022 Soul Train Awards, he sang “Forever.”

Chris Brown and Tink have features on the album Mood Swings. The newest focus tune from Vedo, “Do You Mind,” features Brown and has the two R&B playboys serenading their respective wives. On “Somebody,” Tink makes an appearance, as the two swap lyrics about the qualities they value in a companion.

Vedo portrays different emotions in each song on Mood Swings, demonstrating all aspects of himself and demonstrating that R&B is still in excellent hands thanks to his presence. Mood Swings aside, Tank’s last album, R&B Money, which came out in August 2022, included Vedo. While You Wait, a collaborative EP from Vedo and producer OG Parker, was released in the same month.