Séa Byrne Tells You To “Escape”

Séa Byrne has released a new track titled “Escape.” This single is infused with reggaeton beats, groovy guitars, and airy keys. To honor his R&B/Soul roots, the songwriting moves away from indie pop and toward a looser, bigger, and more laid-back feel. This reflects the message of the song, which is about escaping the rat race to pursue our own passions in life, as well as his personal development as an artist. IFO Productions, Cartagena, Colombia, and Thomas Juth, Ume, Sweden, developed this worldwide partnership.

His music is inventive and combines several musical styles. He combines melodies and rhythms from the Afro-Caribbean region, such as calypso, merengue, and soca, with a hint of indie pop, indietronica, and a dash of soul. He also composes his own music. He will be releasing his next album in February 2023, so keep a watch out for him!

With thousands of streams on Spotify already, “Escape” is on its way to the top of the charts. Make sure you check it out below!

Séa Byrne can be found on Spotify