Myyora Drops A New Track “Serenity”

In “Serenity,” Myyora demonstrates her talent for writing soothing, beautiful, and naturally inspired music. The song is a calming and serene melody that is ideal for reflection and relaxation. “Serenity” will take you to a quiet and tranquil place with its soft tunes and comforting voices.

The song “Serenity” is notable for its lovely and moving lyrics by Myyora. The beauty of the natural world and the calm and tranquillity it brings are vividly depicted in Myyora’s words, which were motivated by her love of nature and the environment. In addition, “Serenity” has a dreamy, ambient production that enhances its tranquil atmosphere and creates a completely immersive listening environment.

Myyora is a quiet paradox who was born in London and has origins in France, the Congo, and England. She divides her time between an eco-friendly garden center in Provence and edgy metropolitan London while getting her perfectly manicured nails soiled in the dirt. Her life has always been centered on music. 

Myyora is a vocalist of the soul who merges the various musical elements of her varied origins and travel experiences to create music that is both soothing to listen to and poetic, inspired by nature, with resounding dance numbers, quietly hopping genres along the way.

Myyora’s serene demeanor belies a host of intense feelings. She is motivated by a desire to make the world a better place. She challenges the existence of boundaries, social standards, and the laws and regulations that unite and divide us. The environment, minorities, and gender equality are issues that worry her. 

However, she avoids using harsh force and instead communicates her ideas by softly massaging the listener’s mind. Her melodies are multilayered, with smooth rhythms that slink into awareness yet are never as straightforward as they first appear to be.

Myyora has a degree in theatre directing, and her unique fashion choices are another expression of her creativity. This young singer’s voice speaks to the present while also reflecting on the past. Myyora collaborates with a French-Irish songwriting team and records at a professional studio in the south of France.

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