KIRBY Releases New EP “I Told You I Would”

“I Told You I Would,” a new EP by KIRBY, has been published. Her parents’ love story served as the inspiration for the five songs. All of the songs that were sampled from “I Told You I Would” feature KIRBY singing over simple, acoustic instrumentation. These were songs KIRBY shared online years ago if you’ve followed her from then to now. The best song is “All My Love,” when she refers to her mother’s advice and extols the virtues of her lover.

The album “I Told You I Would” by KIRBY is the sequel to “Sis. He Wasn’t The One” from 2021. The 10-song album featured several hits that were released over the year, such as “Break Her Heart for Me,” “Boyz II Men,” and “Coconut Oil.” “Sis. He Wasn’t The One” was listed among the top R&B albums of 2021 by Rated R&B.

KIRBY released several additional tracks this year before “I Told You I Would.” The songs “Take Care” and “New D” were among them. She also gave “Black Leaves,” a stirring tune, to the ABC limited series “Women of the Movement.” Below, listen to KIRBY’s brand-new EP, “I Told You I Would.”