Stunning Duo XL Syndicate Sit Down With Us For A Chat

We’ve been obsessed with XL Syndicate’s new release “Long Way”, a melodic, emotional song that is perfect for every mood, whether contemplative or playful. Definitely check it out down below, but before you do, read our introspective interview with the duo that’s about to make some big waves! Full of eclectic influences and cultural heritage, these guys create otherworldly music that is guaranteed to gain a huge following!

Your latest piece “Long Way” is absolutely stunning! Please, tell us more about it. Stylistically and structurally, how did you arrive at such a beautiful melody and beat?

Thank you, we appreciate the love and support. The song itself came from us experimenting with new sounds and combinations creatively until we got to something unique and that really stood out. Working with the artist on the song was similar but she was a pleasure to work with and had a vision lyrically that aligned with what we were thinking. Collaboration can sometimes take a while to find something both sides are happy with but on this release it was great. 

What’s the new musical direction the duo has decided to take on?

Not sure if we can name it really but we have worked on and listen to many different genres and styles of music so you will hear elements of that coming across Whatever we do whether it’s Rnb, edm, trap or pop. You could say there’s definitely elements of fusion as well as some injections of live music mixed in with modern digital sounds.

Where do you both come from and how has your culture influenced your tastes in music and of course, your own art?

Both of us hail from Toronto, of Caribbean backgrounds. (Rio.XL, Jamaica, MP.XL, Trinidad & Tobago). Caribbean culture has had a huge effect on our style and tastes. The main elements of Caribbean music center around rhythm, energy and vibe. Freedom of expression and dance in various forms of cultural celebration. That always is a constant In the music we make even if we are making trap, edm or another genre that isn’t directly related to Caribbean music.

What in your opinion is the number one best thing about being an artist in the 21st century? What is the most challenging bit?

The ability to connect directly with your audience and be in control of your own path like never before. So many tools and opportunities that are a product of today’s tech driven environment that favors the independent artist. The challenge is navigating all the noise that these things bring. It’s easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter or that can take you away from your craft and ultimate objective if you aren’t careful. 

How easy or difficult is it for you to keep up with social media and engaging fans online at the same time working on a number of projects and creating music?

Kind of ties in to the last question about having all the room available to control your own success to a certain degree. Having spent time on the business side of things, it goes a long way for us to be able to better handle the things we need to do now. But also building the right team around you is key to help support those ongoing efforts. That allows us to be creative for the time periods that we need to be creative In order to get work done.

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently in your career so far?

Hindsight is 20/20. You always wish you knew what you know now a little bit earlier but our path has led us to where we are today, talking to you guys. Promoting our first release of many, so things happen for a reason and we are glad we are here now.

Which artists (living or past) do you two really admire, and not just for their achievements in music or style but as a role model in other aspects as well?

Interesting question. There are a lot of artists that we admire for many different reasons like the ones you illustrated In the question. Jay-Z is probably one that fits all of these pillars for being a role model, his music, achievements in music as well as business. Pharrell, MMaster P are some other examples but being able to transcend what people initially knew you for into other aspects of business and life speaks volumes about the real talent and potential people have that just needs an opportunity to be seen. Anything is possible in that sense but probably not enough people in our community believe that.