Listen To “All Yours” By Krish Valentine

Up-and-coming songwriter Krish Valentine has released a new single titled “All Yours.” The lively electronic pop tune “All Yours” perfectly complements Krish Valentine’s mellow vocal riffs and effectively conveys “puppy love” to a broad audience. The lyrical basis is centered on that crush that we have all had and would go to any lengths to win over and commit to. While sincere and sympathetic, Krish Valentine conveys the emotions connected to the innocent romance in a danceable and enjoyable style.

Krish Valentine, who is just 15 years old but already demonstrates skill much above his years, is off to a promising start in the music business. His love for the arts was visible in his Massachusetts boyhood home’s walls as early as age 3. For his family, he would perform lengthy monologues and dialogue from various plays that he had memorized. His head began to automatically fill with creative chords and melodies as he sat down at a keyboard and picked up a guitar.

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