Ben Carrillo Sweeps The Music scene Off Its Feet With “Zoom Zoom”

Finishing the year on a powerful note, Ben Carrillo not only surprises audiences with new single and music video “Zoom Zoom” but also appears as an opening act for the Bad Bunny concert! This young talent has such a vibrant, charismatic presence both in the studio and especially on stage – it’s a pleasure to watch! 

Having his hands full with songwriting and even video direction, Carrillo’s signature style has certainly evolved dramatically over time. With tens of thousands of monthly listeners, the artist continues to work hard, creating music that feels intimate and yet light and chill. “I think authenticity comes from being real, and that’s who Ben Carrillo is, real. The lyrics are raw and honest from personal stories or stories I’ve heard from strangers or loved ones,” Carrillo said in an interview

Always on top of his game, this inspirational artist does not follow trends and refuses to be boxed into stereotypes, thus ensuring that his sound is unique and hard to define. Some of Carrillo’s best hits include “Marijuana”, “Espinas”, and “Reggaeton De Guatemala”. Check out the music video for “Zoom Zoom” below, and show the artist your support by following him on social media!