A Sifu Video Game Movie Is In Production From The Makers Of John Wick

The popular beat ’em up video game Sifu will be turned into a feature film, with John Wick writer Derek Kolstad penning the script. The first three John Wick movies, Nobody, an action thriller from 2021, and two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were all written by Kolstad. A martial arts student’s mission to revenge his father’s death is the subject of Sifu, a game created by the French company Sloclap. The game was well-received for its innovative gaming mechanics and combat, and it was nominated for several industry awards.

Following the successful release of the video game in early 2022, Sloclap will collaborate with media firm Story Kitchen to create a full film adaptation of Sifu, according to Deadline. Derek Kolstad, who created John Wick, will write the screenplay for the movie and will collaborate with producer Dmitri M. Johnson, who previously worked as a producer on both 2018’s Tomb Raider and the popular Sonic the Hedgehog movie series. Kolstad and Johnson’s participation has been confirmed, although the film is present without a director and there is no expected release date.