Nick Marcus Asks You To “Come Thru”

“Come Thru” by Nick Marcus is a self-made argument about a person who is unsure whether to get into a relationship and give it their all or not. Ideal for a somber late-night journey either by yourself or with a partner. His primary motivation for making music is to bring emotion back, whether that means getting everyone up and moving or conjuring up memories of earlier times. With thousands of streams of “Come Thru” on Spotify, Nick Marcus is on his way to the top of the charts!

Sydney artist Nick Marcus has deep vocals that give life to his somewhat R&B and pop style. Nick challenges himself with many musical genres and emotions in order to create music that connects with the audience. Nick’s self-titled debut EP examines a relationship’s lifecycle from inception to conclusion. From the first impressions, you get of someone you find yourself drawn to, from falling too deeply in love to the heartache caused by unrequited love.

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