Glyy Presents A New Track “Next To Me”

Glyy has released a new single titled “Next To Me.” The track is about a young lad who has little self-assurance about falling in love. It is also about being in love but choosing for whatever reason to suffer in quiet rather than acting on it. “Next To Me” is an exciting debut single that introduces listeners to the groovy music of Glyy with its lively instrumentation and upbeat vibes.

The self-published, multi-instrumental Swedish band Glyy, from Stockholm and Uppsala, aims to merge indie pop, string pop, and a pastiche of African genres to produce unique, previously unheard songs. Members David (vocals), Alex (guitar), Daniel (keyboards and cello), and Fernando (bass) are all interested in the thin line that separates what is well-liked and excellent from what is novel and intriguing.

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