Don Mancini Addresses Chucky & M3GAN Killer Doll Crossover Possibilities

Don Mancini discusses the potential for a Chucky and M3GAN crossover. The 1988 film Child’s Play introduced Chucky, the homicidal doll owned by a serial killer. Since then, the film has inspired an entire franchise, including six sequels and a television series. 

The “Talky Tina” from The Twilight Zone and the murderous figurine from the Trilogy of Terror served as inspiration for Mancini. Since then, Chucky has become the undisputed king of the spooky doll horror genre. But with the release of the impending science fiction horror movie M3GAN, which stars a girl-like robot that grows more sophisticated and vicious, a new killer doll is gaining popularity.

Mancini now discusses a possible crossover between Chucky and M3GAN. Mancini revealed to that he is formally considering a number of Chucky crossover concepts with Universal. He said that while a Freddy Krueger and Chucky crossover has always piqued his curiosity, the idea of a new killer doll has undoubtedly also entered his thoughts.

“I haven’t seen the movie. All I’ve seen is what everyone else has seen and that’s very fun,” Mancini says regarding M3GAN. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”