Premiere: Brian Ligon Returns With Instrumental Jazz Album Nowhere But Here II

Multi-instrumentalist, Brian Ligon, drops Nowhere But Here II, the follow-up to his 2016 debut album of the same name. The 13-track record is produced by the Jazz musician in collaboration with talented industry professionals like Stephen Gibb, Doug Emery, Carlos Alvarez, Jim “Pinky” Beeman, among others.

The instrumental Jazz album is a collection of the versatile artist’s original recordings. Nowhere But Here II embodies Ligon’s rich knowledge of musical history and influences, integrating different genre elements together that include contemporary, experimental, and funk. 

With his unmatchable vision and talent for arrangement and instrumentation, Ligon shows off his prowess and expertise. Recorded at Ligon’s home studio in St. Petersburg, FL and Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, FL,  Nowhere But Here II is mastered by Jim “Pinky” Beeman at Sonic Audio and mixed and engineered by Carlos Alvarez, Javier Valverde, along with Brian Ligon.

Inspired by renowned musicians such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, and Earth, Wind & Fire, Brian Ligon adds his unique touch to the conventional style.  Including  tracks like “Bad,” “Select,” “Fly Away,” “Carnival,” “Funk,” “Run It,” “Lady,” “All I Need,” and “Glory,” Nowhere But Here II is anything but the typical Jazz album.

Listen to the full album here: