Jamie Lee Curtis Provides A Positive Update for Freaky Friday 2

Regarding the possibilities for a Freaky Friday 2 update, Jamie Lee Curtis provided encouraging news. The now-cult comedy, in which Curtis and Lindsay Lohan played a mother and daughter who switch bodies, was released 19 years ago. 

The 2003 movie, directed by Mark Walters, was a remake of a 1976 movie that had previously adapted from the same-titled novel. Despite receiving mostly favorable reviews at the time, the first “Freaky Friday” was a box office success, earning $160.8 million against a $26 million budget. It has since amassed a sizable fan base, with many people eagerly anticipating a sequel.

A probable “Freaky Friday 2” update was provided by Jamie Lee Curtis when she was at the “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” premiere. She has high hopes for the likelihood since in a brief interview with “Variety,” Curtis stated that although there hasn’t been a formal development, there are undoubtedly ongoing discussions to get Lindsay Lohan back for the sequel. Below, you can read what she had to say about the proposal:

We’re talking. People are talking. The right people are talking . . . We (she and Lohan) are both committed to it. It’s not ours to make — it’s Disney’s to make, and I think they’re interested. And we are talking.