Premiere: Emily Litta Debuts Vlog Style Music Video For Her Recent Single “Show Up”

Singer-songwriter Emily Litta releases a ’90s inspired music video for “Show Up.” The young talent considers the new clip as more of a visual diary, where she is seen recording herself with an old camcorder, doing random daily activities. Directed and shot by Alex Klover Guccione and Paul Guccione, the visuals reflect the artist’s love for old school Pop culture.

Litta explains why she revels in nostalgia, “As cool as I try to be, I will always be a Millennial and that is something that affects my sound deeply. A lot of my inspo is early 2000s/ late 90s pop and R&B and I’m always trying to bring back that MTV, pre social-media feeling we used to get. I want my music to feel like waking up to watch music videos and buying CDs at the mall. We used a lot of synths from back when, kept it simple, vocal layering and a little rap moment too.”

Pulling at the heartstrings and stirring emotions, “Show Up” is a very unfiltered and unedited look into the mind, fears, and weaknesses of the artist.  Emily Litta explains that in addition to talking about her weak points, the song also acknowledges “how far I’ve come and how strong this has made me. It’s also a thank you note to those that have been by my side and are a continuous support.”

Being a huge fan of Techno, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Jazz, Litta is very keen on experimenting with different genres and styles in the future. She would also love to collaborate with artists like Rosalía, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and Daft Punk.

Emily Litta teases that she might have a live performance of “Show Up” very soon.

Watch the Official Video for “Show Up” here: