KOTA The Friend And Statik Selektah’s Second Collaboration

KOTA The Friend And Statik Selektah's Second Collaboration

In 2020, Kota and Statik worked together on “To Kill a Sunrise,” a song that was considered for Album of the Year. The new collaboration’s name is currently unclear, however, Statik’s “To Catch a Sunset?” response to Kota’s tweet led us to believe that it may be.

Kota stated, “2023 will be a year of making new music, including projects with Statik Selektah and other collaborations in the U.S. and internationally.”

Kota, who just returned on a tour of Europe that took him to cities including London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris, will wrap up 2022 on November 11 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and in December in Australia. In 2022, Kota visited Chicago, NYC, Denver, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris with his Flight Night Music Festival. Over 50 indie musicians have been featured in Kota’s Flight Night Music Festival as Kota’s 2022 opening acts.