LovexLies Presents A New Track “Venom”

Check out the rhymes in this gorgeous single “Venom” by the outstanding LovexLies. A strong release of synth-infused Indie Pop songs that centers on the destructive cycle of unsatisfactory relationships. Every time he tries to make love work, he says, it’s like a “poison” that grabs hold of him. He may believe that he has to be on the lookout for the females, but ultimately, his greatest struggle is with himself.

“It’s something bout the way you, Bite me till I feel numb / I can feel your venom, flow through my veins” ~ Venom

In “Venom,” we are introduced to powerful vocals with a strong atmosphere delivering spontaneous and bold words. This tale of the fight for love is bound together with heavy synth vibrations and guitar roars that give everything a tragic atmosphere. LovexLies’ vocals, which will give everything provided here a sense of appreciation and presence, effectively transmit his emotions to the listener.

LovexLies purposefully uses a range of genres to convey his narrative, drawing inspiration from 2000s alternative rock, rap, and pop. LovexLies wants people to know they aren’t alone and that by listening to his music, they are getting a glimpse into the mind of someone who has experienced many relevant hardships. LovexLies has battled with love, loss, and deception on several occasions. 

Above all, he hopes that by being himself, he may show people that despite having similar difficulties, we aren’t really that different.

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