Blonde George Drops An Indie Infused With R&B Beats Track “Coin Toss”

Indie/R&B song “Coin Toss” by the outstanding Blonde George is propelled by a relaxed groove, funky bass line, and relaxing guitar. The song is about how everything has its ups and downs and how difficult it may be to make important life decisions. Blonde George’s “Coin Toss” was created for late-night hangouts with pals and long drives down the coast. Shut your windows and dance to this cool new song.

Blonde George produced a warbly sound that permeates the entire song and makes you feel relaxed. His vocals have a casual, conversational quality to them, almost as if he were trying to engage the listener in discussion outside of the music. “Coin Toss” seems to be the best resource for navigating life’s trials and tribulations.

Due to the ambiguous nature of the words, Blonde George’s song about indecision and lack of commitment in a relationship may be read in a variety of ways. The song’s most often repeated line is undoubted “Two Sides,” and Blonde George made a concerted effort to accentuate the lack of “centered-ness” in the mix by heavily stereo double recording the vocals and other elements.

Blonde George has the ability and vision to convey any notion to the audience from the drawing board. Over the past several years, dream pop has become a huge musical genre, but Blonde George stands out from the competition due to his drive and natural skill. He has put a lot of effort into getting the ideal retro vibe, and his musical ability goes beyond just attempting to sound like his inspirations.

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