Rotimi’s New Single “Make You Say” Boasts Afrobeats Vibes

The recently released song “Make You Say” by Rotimi is proof that music transcends cultures and is both global and diverse. The R&B and Afrobeat song “Make You Say” was created by Ghanaian producer Nektunez. In truth, Romiti was born in New Jersey but has Nigerian ancestry, so he may be embracing his African culture through this song.

Even though it only lasts for two minutes, Rotimi’s end-of-summer cheerful release of “Throwback” with JNR Choi is followed by this song, which transports you to an exotic location. The musician also had recent success because his popular song “Love Riddim” has been awarded official RIAA Gold certification. This song joins the ranks of Wale’s “In My Bed,” which also achieved Gold status earlier this year and has an incredible 360 million streams overall.

Rotimi launched a hugely popular headlining globe tour earlier this year that sold out in several significant cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and more. He played songs from his debut album “All Or Nothing,” which has received 100 million streams and given rise to some of Rotimi’s most captivating music videos, including the song “I Do,” which is a popular wedding song, as well as the focus tracks “Weapon,” “What To Do,” “Don’t You Ever,” and “Decide.”

Rotimi has widened his commercial reach by creating his skincare line FAVR, which features Dead Sea natural minerals. Rotimi, who at the time was most known for his acting work in the STARZ popular series Power, demonstrates his musical flair by blending classic Afrobeat and dancehall with modern R&B.