Aussie Starlet Sammi Constantine Returns With A Bold New Release “Lemonade”

Sammi Constantine’s song “Lemonade” qualifies as an anthem. She advocates for self-reliance, female liberation, and sexual freedom all while being supported by vibrant, dramatic, and well-crafted pop music. This song could finally persuade you not to put up with someone who is unable to satisfy your needs, or it will at the very least affirm your right to do so.

Sammi gives us some rhythmic, seductive lyrics that are layered with echo, octaves, and reverb. The melody is the same throughout each verse, but the rhythm does. A powerful and moving riff erupts from the connection between the base and Sammi’s vocals. Although that is not your normal underground electronic dance music, the most pleasant surprises always come from unexpected genres.

This is a terrific pop tune, to put it briefly. Every target is met. There isn’t much space for error here—not in the words, not in the music, and certainly not in the flawless production. You’ll undoubtedly like Sammi Constantine if you’re a fan of the most recent generation of female pop performers such as Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande.

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