Ben Offical’s New Single “Give Me Your Love” Blends R&B & Pop Music

Ben Official has dropped his brand-new song, “Give Me Your Love,” along with a music video. The R&B artist from Nigerian-American also discusses how his feelings for her clash with his attraction to and flings with other women. 

The song’s plot is fairly similar to Usher’s famous “Confessions” song but without the baby-related complications. The song’s combination of Pop and R&B makes it energetic, yet the way it starts is quite soothing with only the piano and Ben Official’s vocals in harmony.

The beat drops when the chorus comes in, “Tell me would you give me, would you give me your love ?/Just me Tell me you would give me your all.”

Official is continuing his career as a singer/songwriter, voice producer, and music director while also shifting into acting and screenplay. Ben is presently working on a number of projects, including his upcoming EP, “No Ego.” Along with the song, Official also debuted a stunning music video that features some of his dance talents.