Jeremih Is Back With “Changes”

Jeremih, an R&B artist, has returned with a brand-new song and music video named “Changes.” According to Brooklyn Vegan, the 35-year-old singer hasn’t released any new music in quite some time, so the new song is very welcome.

Jeremih discusses the challenges and uncertainty he experiences in what may be taken to be a love connection in an open, emotional manner.

He sings, “How you tell me I was playing games/Treat me like you didn’t tell me the same/How you gonna forget all the things we did in one argument then change.”

In the music video that goes along with the song, Jeremih appears in a number of sequences with a woman who is supposed to be his love interest. As they lay in bed, cuddle up next to one another on a couch surrounded by books, and giggle in the rain, the two appear to constantly be content and get along well. But eventually, the woman becomes agitated and exits each picture, leaving Jeremih finally alone by himself in the pouring rain.