Quinten Tyvon Presents “One More Time – Afro Remix”

A spin on the original song, “One More Time” Quinten Tyvon is back with an Afro Remix. His most recent hit, “One More Time – Afro Remix,” is a cool summer ditty that combines elements of both modern and old-school music with an additional Afro Beat. a piece of upbeat music with a moderate tempo that is certain to make its listeners feel good. He hopes that “One More Time – Afro Remix” will resonate deeply with his listeners on a fundamental level. Quinten Tyvon’s music is a fusion of R&B, pop, and soul which is sure to leave the listener wanting more.

Quinten Tyvon, a native of South Florida, began singing at the young age of five because of a natural desire to connect with others via music. Tyvon makes music with the intention of leaving a lasting impression. He has reached a point where he is supported and respected by his followers and listeners all around the world because of his commitment and passion for music. Be on the lookout for this artist, who will sweep you off your feet with his energetic tunes and witty lyrics.

With tens of thousands of streams on Spotify already “One More Time – Afro Remix” is sure to reach the charts.

Quinten Tyvon can be found on Spotify | TikTok | Instagram