Listen To “Motivation” By Katie Harbour

With Katie Harbour’s brand-new song, “motivation,” we knew we were in for a treat because of the combination of her incredibly unique voice and background of catchy, rising beats. “motivation” is Katie Harbour’s way of thanking the one who gives her purpose and keeps her going during her darkest moments. This single was created with a cinematic and ethereal concept that gives the track depth and expressiveness. Its meaningful choruses, which truly cause the song to erupt and come to life, are when the song achieves its peak.

Katie, who was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, started doing live shows at small venues in 2013 and has steadily established a following there. Despite having acoustic singer-songwriter beginnings, she has evolved this sound throughout the years into current R&B with the help of top-notch production and intricate composition. Pioneering performers in the R&B and outside of it, such as Amy Winehouse, Jeff Buckley, SZA, and Jorja Smith, have impacted Katie.

For Katie Harbour, this is only the beginning; in 2023, she plans to rule the globe.

Katie Harbour can be found on Spotify