With Her “Tiny Desk” Performance Joyce Wrice Captivates Both New & Old Fans

With the release of her Tiny Desk, Joyce Wrice further solidifies her burgeoning place in R&B history. The main singles from her most recent EP, Motive, “Bittersweet Goodbyes” and “Iced Tea,” as well as “Chandler,” “Falling in Love,” “Must Be Nice,” and “On One,” are fed to devoted fans during her 17-minute performance.

The 30-year-old West Coast singer was joined by her live band, which included Branden Akinyele, Christian Carey, fellow musician Mack Keane, and renowned producer D’Mile, who were all dressed in all-black with dark sunglasses. The singer was wearing a white crop top, elbow-length gloves, and a matching cut-out maxi skirt.

NPR Music’s Ashley Pointer spoke on Wrice’s dreamy performance in a statement. 

“Warning: It’s hard to keep still when listening to the infectious music of effervescent R&B powerhouse Joyce Wrice,” said the Atlanta-based social production assistant. ”Side effects may include an intense head bop, the occasional stank face, and a mean two-step. Wrice’s ‘Tiny Desk’ concert is a stunning display of her talents, showing us where the San Diego-bred, Los Angeles-based singer has been and where she’s going next. Clad in all white and backed by a band wearing matching black Nike tracksuits and sneakers, they exude a vibe reminiscent of a family.”

In relation to family, Wrice appears in Keane’s April release, Intersections. Prior to that, she opened for Lucky Daye on his Candy Drip Tour in the United States and reworked the theme song for the revival of The Proud Family.

Check out the video below!