Listen To “Just Stay” By Yung Calamity

UK singer-songwriter Yung Calamity has dropped a new track titled “Just Stay.” The essence of what makes Yung Calamity a unique, generational artist is captured in “Just Stay.” His captivating vocals and no-holds-barred lyrics that exude a rawness and sensitivity fuel the ideal balance between pop and R&B. Unrequited love, grief, and loneliness are some of the topics that are explored in the song, which contrasts with an incredibly strong and energizing sound.

Speaking about the single, Yung noted:

“I wrote and recorded ‘Just Stay’ in my hometown of London. The song is all about longing for somebody you love to give things one more chance and, ‘Just Stay’. It touches on fickleness and in my experience, people’s inability to be happy with just one person.”

Yung Calamity is a multi-talented English and Irish singer-songwriter who is a native of North London. He made waves with his particular style by releasing his debut song in December 2021 after collaborating with well-known UK producers and frequently recorded in the historic HOXA HQ. His songs are honest and authentic, drawing inspiration from his life and the environment around him. This gives them an unmatched UK level of relatability and rawness.

Yung Calamity can be found on Spotify | TikTok | Instagram