Jawan And  Tiffany Drop A Fresh New Track Titled “Patience”

The bedroom anthem “Patience” by Jawan Harris and Tiffany Evans, better known as Jawan x Tiffany, has been released. The vocalists alternately sing to each other over Jaydot’s heartfelt productions and beautiful backing harmonies.

“Patience” is the duo’s third single; “To Myself” and “Finally” were released in 2021. On their forthcoming album, all three tracks will be included.

Tiffany and Jawan want the ability of restraint to prevail till they can have another passionate encounter.

“Can I lick it through the screen (Screen) / I just wanna get right up in between (Yeah) / FaceTime ring light on so that I can see / Girl, I’m bout to book myself a flight / Want more than one night, ooh,” sings an anxious Jawan on song’s onset.”

Jawan x Tiffany explained the origin of the song’s concept in a joint statement.

“We wrote ‘Patience’ in the middle of the pandemic. We wanted to make a love song that was inspired by the feeling you get when you can’t wait to be with someone again.”

They continued, “It’s about that whole experience of building excitement and anticipation for one another, but also hoping that the one you want has enough ‘Patience’ to wait and keep their focus on you.”