In-Depth Chat With Rising Canadian Artist StevenCharles

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing StevenCharles, a rising Canadian singer-songwriter whose music borders a multitude of genres and whose art revolves around uplifting and empowering listeners across the globe. StevenCharles debuted with a beautiful single and music video “Stay” that was centered around the theme of romantic love and was filled with positive vibes and warmth. “My Destination” arrived earlier this month and has quickly become one of the artist’s staples, defining his ideology and his mission on earth. “My Destination” music video is out today, and you can watch it down below! In the meantime, get to know this awesome artist through our Q&A!

How has the release of your recent singles changed your life? Looking back to where you were and how far you’ve come, can you explain to us in a few words how you feel about your achievements so far?

The release of this single already feels like a glow up and we’re just ge7ng started. I’m so proud of the finessed beat by @itsModes, and it features that kind of lyrical content I’ve been waiting to put out in my music for years. I’m finding my lane and loving it.

You’ve recently teased the release of your upcoming single “My Destination.” Can you share a few details about the song? When is it coming out? How about the music video? Will the song remind us of your previous sounds? Or should we expect a new StevenCharles?

The song is currently available on all streaming platforms and the video is out today! *(Friday Sept 30th)* I’ve been dropping studio videos and lyric videos leading up to today’s release and it’s been so gratifying and informative to hear how people respond after experiencing the song in different ways. It’s definitely a new sound for me and people will notice an upgrade in my musical style for sure, and there’s more where that came from too so it’s all just very exciting.

“Taking a moment to breathe and relax is not giving up on yourself, it’s self-care.” You’ve addressed a very important issue in a previous interview that really stuck with us! I don’t think people talk enough about maintaining the mental health balance and we can’t seem to break down that stigma! How do you make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the process? How do you take care of your mental health? What kind of advice would you give to people who can’t keep the equilibrium?

I think breath work is everything. You’d be amazed at how much of your problems start to dissipate or become manageable once you take a moment to breathe extremely deeply.

Connecting with your body physically helps everything else align too, so I do love to workout for my mental health because the endorphins give me such an optimistic perspective and when you look good, you feel good right? Equilibrium for everyone means

something different but if you feel out of balance I would encourage you to write down what you love about your life because gratitude always comes first. Then write down the aspects of your life you wish would change and what you’d prefer it to look like. The best way to manifest stability and success is through clarifying the vision, writing it down… and believing in it!

You’re an artist who dances, acts, and sings! Which of the arts resonates with you the most? Would you ever consider going back to acting? Why did you choose to go with one direction over another?

Love this question. I actually can’t rank them because they each hold such a special place in my heart and bring me infinite amounts of joy and catharsis. Singing is the first love, Dancing is the liberating love and Acting might be the most personally rewarding love. Either way telling stories through performance art is clearly a purpose I was born to fulfill in my life and even though I chose to target one specific outlet, (my first love) I’m always down to re-visit the other ones when the right opportunity presents itself. I just really wanted to reel in my focus on my music and commit 100% to ge7ng it out there for the world to hear, with no side hustles distracting me or ge7ng in the way of scheduling and availability. So far…it feels like I made the right decision.

Tell us more about your writing process! How do you incorporate your own experiences into the songs? Are there any specific rules you follow? Do you have any tricks to help you stay focused?

There are so many ways to begin writing a song I could write a whole book for this question! I think what’s most important is to pull from a genuine place, so I’m always writing about either what I’m currently going through or have been through. Don’t write something just because it sounds good, and even I’m guilty of that sometimes. That’s when my brother says “dig deeper”…think how can you sincerely capture a moment with the right combination of lyrics, flow and melodic vocal energy.

What kind of genres would you like to experiment with in the future? How can an artist try different styles without losing authenticity?

You have to educate yourself in order to discover significant details that align with your own artistry. Lines can intersect but they can also have tangents that veer off yet still stem from a similar original midpoint. You have to connect the dots in order to create seamless transitions within your genre exploration experiment. I say experiment because some choices don’t always work immediately, but you need to be patient and trust that you’ll find a solution that will eventually blend musical moments together really nicely. Before I went to Columbia I would never even think about doing a jazz song, but now it’s actually become a part of my wheelhouse, and the training has helped me develop vocal performances that feel authentic and true not only to the genre but also to me as an artist.

The music industry is constantly changing and taking new forms. How do you think the Internet and the streaming services have impacted the business? Do you feel like it’s evolving for the better?

I love how we musicians now have the opportunity to release our music on our own terms without too many third-parties ge7ng involved. We schedule the release, we share it and we take part in the advertisement and delivery of our own music to the public. Although it challenges us as artists to wear many managerial hats, I think it is for the better and overtime you can develop a team of people who are actually committed to ge7ng your music out there. As for social media, I think Charlie Puth is nearly breaking the internet everyday with his TikToks and I’m here for it. Seeing people follow suit, or find their own niche and ways to collaborate musically with one another has become so innovative and unifying for our community. The way songs can develop and evolve through pieces put together from artists across the globe is mind blowing. I can’t wait to see the various ways in which we continue enhancing our technology to have a positive impact on the music industry.

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