Exclusive In-Depth Interview With The Tel-Aviv Based Duet Bill & Murray

Bill & Murray, a Tel-Aviv based duet, just dropped a new single “Rolling Stone” and we are so excited to have a chat with them about it! With tens of thousands of streams and a bunch of beautiful synth-pop tracks, the duo continues to move forward, being unapologetically bold and at the same time vulnerable in each new story they tell. The listeners are guaranteed to find great peace, comfort, and a sprinkle of fun in Bill & Murray’s new single “Rolling Stone”. Enjoy the read!

Let’s talk about your new single “Rolling Stone”! What’s the take-away from it and the main message? What inspired you to write music on this particular topic?

The song is about finding it hard to find a center of gravity, a way to self-define yourself, to truly care about something and know who you are and what you stand for. When you feel like you could or should be somebody else every day. What inspired us to write about this particular topic is probably rooted in listening to a lot of Nirvana back in the day and connecting to the whole “Nevermind” vibe, particularly the opening lyrics of the song “Breed”.

In terms of music, “Rolling Stone” seems to be inspired by the 80’s synth-pop scene with other genre-fusion. Has this always been your vibe?

We actually felt like we’re taking a step away from the 80’s synth-pop scene on this single, apparently a small step ☺. We love the 80’s pop vibe but both of us released music in a wide range of genres and are far from sticking strictly to the 80’s synth-pop scene.

Your debut album A New Kind of High and its singles “Rabbit Hole” and “The Silence Grows” gained much popularity back in 2015. What was it like having your music on Radio airplay and receiving so much positive feedback?

Hearing our songs on the radio and seeing people show up at our shows is great fun. There are so many bands out there making cool music so to get any recognition at all and having our music heard is just amazing to us.

What is your main focus in music moving forward? Are there any plans or projects you’re working on?

We’ve already recorded a few songs, so our main focus is on completing their production and hopefully releasing them as soon as possible. 

Tell us about “Bill and Murray”. How did you two come together and how did this musical act begin? 

David: Stella was working as a sound engineer in a studio of a good friend of mine. We started talking about music and we heard each other’s materials, loved it, and thought it would be cool to collaborate, the rest is history. 

If you were to describe your music, how would you define it? How is it different from anything that’s been done before and is being created right now?

We don’t make an active effort to be original. We believe that since we, as all beings, are unique, the music we produce is bound to be unique. This is as long as we are not actively trying to copy anything, And we do our best to avoid that. 

Have the both of you traveled much? Where to? Do you agree that seeing new places and people opens an artist’s mind to more creativity?

We’ve performed in North America, Europe and the Middle East. It was all great fun and very exciting. It opened our minds and drove us closer to each other as a band.

What’s one of the funniest encounters or situations you’ve had throughout your music career? 

When we were chosen to be the opening act for the Legend known as Gary Numan, we were so excited. And getting to share the backstage room with him and chat, it was so nice. He was so sweet and humble. We got to talking and it was funny to us that he talked to us as if we were at his level of recognition, asking us for tips regarding touring eastern Europe and stuff like that. We’re sure it was just him being super nice and making conversation, still the whole situation was cool and a bit surrealistic for us seeing how we are such huge Gary Numan fans.

As singer-songwriters with extensive experience in the game, what is one piece of advice you each would share with someone just starting out?

It’s a bit of a cliché, but we’d say one thing to notice is that you’re enjoying the actual work of writing songs, recording, producing and performing. Life is too short for grinding though it just in hopes of breaking out as a huge success.

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