Jordan Hawkins Shares A New Single “Play”

Guitar master Jordan Hawkins is talented. The R&B newcomer’s sizzling new song, “Play,” which he co-produced with Reef Cole and Aja Grant of Phony Ppl, finest exemplifies his love for his preferred instrument.

A mesmerized Hawkins speaks of a muse that caresses the proper bits of his deepest thoughts while blending smokey piano notes, a screeching electric guitar, and live drumming.

The new single “Play” by Hawkins is accompanied by a music video that resembles a ’70s music showcase. Hawkins, who is dressed for the occasion, woos a young woman (played by McKayla Chandler) in the crowd while being accompanied by a small band.

Later, he shows up to dance with her. The visual was directed by Vita Esperança Amore and was based on a plot that she and Hawkins came up with.

Hawkins has so far made available “Super Power,” as well as its COLORS and acoustic versions. His upcoming EP, 4Play, which will be released in October, includes that song in addition to his most recent.

His next performance will be after his Heart Won’t Stop debut EP in 2021. The early single “Risky,” which has had over 164,770 Spotify plays, was among the seven songs on the album. Since its posting, “We Have,” the song with the largest increase, has received more than 521,800 plays on the site.

In June, they released an EP called Live from Ursula Ave as a member of his producing group NAIVE. Hawkins’ renditions of R&B remakes are featured on the live album. Some examples are “One in a Million” by Aaliyah, “Ex-Factor” by Lauryn Hill, and “I Hate U” by SZA, to name a few.

Hawkins also features in Zyah Belle’s most recent work, Yam Grier.

Watch Jordan Hawkins’ “Play” below.