J Aktive’s New Banging LP Bad Luv Displays His Effortless Mastery

Los Angeles-based Hip-Hop artist J Aktive continues his rise in music with the release of a latest project home to 8 tracks; the album titled Bad Luv. The special appeal of this new LP lies in  the unique blend of genres that J Aktive has concocted for his fans. From hip hop, r&b, neo soul, rap, and pop, he effortlessly masters the art of fusing genres, transcending rationality and common practice, yet resulting in incredibly addictive tracks. 

In a recent interview, regarding the meaning behind the album Bad Luv, J Aktive explains: “I was off and on with my ex-girlfriend of 6 years and needed an outlet to express my emotions. I felt like there wasn’t any music that expressed what I was going through from my perspective.”

A rarely addressed topic, J Aktive is one of the first rappers to talk about masculine vulnerability surrounding toxic relationships in modern society. Despite the rather serious core issue tackled in Bad Luv, the artist finds ways to deliver his messages through upbeat and feel-good tracks, without ever forgetting to remain confessional. 

The impactful storyteller has been featured in some of the most important TV Networks like BET and MTV, and has also appeared in many mainstream music videos, as well as opened-up for acts like Shoreline Mafia, Chanel West Coast, Chingy, Compton AV, Cassie Veggies and more. 
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