Bukky Sky Releases An Alternative Indie Track “Your Flame”

As the second drop of his upcoming HAPPYSEXYLOVEPOTION EP, Bukky Sky has dropped “Your Flame,” a dream single to be added to the playlist of all the Lo-Fi lovers out there! Just pop in your earphones and listen to this alternative contemporary track.

Encouraged by the music industry, this exceptional artist puts no boundaries into his artistic work. Bukky Sky believes that “It’s about the soul behind the music, the genre is just the vehicle of expression.”

Bradford is where Bukky Sky was raised, but he now calls London home. He is a singer and songwriter of Neo-soul music in London’s well-known alternative scene. In some tracks, he adds a vintage-classic pop sound, while in others, he weaves some seductive R&B in and embraces a retro-futuristic mood that nearly leans towards 80s electronic music.

Bukky Sky can be found on Spotify | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud