Lil Nas X ’s new single “STAR WALKIN’” will be released this Friday, September 23.

The hymn for Class of Legends Universes 2022 has been uncovered as “STAR WALKIN'” by rapper Montero Lamar Slope, otherwise called Lil Nas X. The full tune will make a big appearance on Sept. 23.

Revolt Games has declared that Lil Nas X will perform “STAR WALKIN'” at Universes 2022, which starts Sept. 29 and goes through Nov. 5. Moreover, Lil Nas X will likewise be working together on a renown skin for the at this point unreleased boss K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, who was declared a month ago.

“STAR WALKIN'” was reported by means of a sarcastic farce short in which Lil Nas X turns into the “Leader of Class of Legends.” As president, Lil Nas X expeditiously establishes a few changes, such as guaranteeing that “STAR WALKIN'” plays in the workplace whenever the situation allows.

“On the off chance that you can become weary of this tune, you will become weary of this melody,” Lil Nas X said in the video short.

With regards to Lil Nas X’s style and past World Hymns, the tune has a pop-rock flavor, essentially from the sound of what is possible the melody’s ensemble. The new tune is still somewhat of a secret, in any case, so fans should hold on to hear the full track.