Trey Qua Drops An Impressive New Single Titled “TEL AVIV”

“TEL AVIV” is a strong love song with a twisty, dark plot that demonstrates Trey Qua’s remarkable vocal prowess and snappy, slick production. This song, which is based on the end of a destructive relationship, examines the romanticized themes of the darkness of contemporary love.

Discussing the single, Trey Qua mentions: “‘TEL AVIV’ is a song about my ex running away to another country with a Prince, it documents my reaction and feelings towards such a bizarre and emotional event.”

The single is gaining traction on Spotify as we speak! With thousands of streams already, Trey Qua is elevating to the top of the charts. 

This British singer-songwriter and producer who was born and raised in South East London is a rising star in the music industry. Trey Qua took up music by attending music studio sessions with his mother when he was nine years old when he began his career performing on the west end stage and in several dance companies. He developed his singing ability by participating in choirs, and he has since sung at places like the RoundHouse and the Royal Albert Hall.

Trey Qua can be found on Spotify | Instagram | TikTok