Pyrophoria Releases An Outstanding New Track Titled “Like A Gun”

Fall in love with the futuristic soundscapes combined with creative electronic elements in Pyrophoria’s latest single titled “Like A Gun.” With a lyricism that is biting, amusing, and motivational, Pyrophoria incorporates several genres into “Like A Gun.”

Pyrophoria’s talent is like no other. She releases whole albums that are categorized under other genres, such as country and hip-hop, or albums that are completely uncategorized. She believes music should be utilized as a platform to question the status quo and stand out as well as to voice one’s mind. 

A one-woman band from Atlanta, Georgia, Pyrophoria is the only creator, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and driving force who has released over 40 albums in 9 different genres. Although she mostly performs Experimental Metal, she frequently incorporates various genres into her songs to create a wholly own sound. 

Pyrophoria can be found on Spotify | Youtube | Instagram