Shelly Perel Says “Don’t Try”

The gorgeous indie-pop tune “Don’t Try” by Israeli singer-songwriter Shelly Perel features Golde. The verses of this song, which are about Shelly’s youth, go well with the synthesized rhythm and beat that evokes memories of the past while still having a contemporary rhythm and vibe.

Shelly Perel’s vocals feel like a close friend to accompany us while we wait for the night to arrive, and the calm RnB pop beat helps to chill the scorching day.

The tune is about how sometimes we have very different expectations of ourselves than what our surroundings demand of us. It also talks about how it makes sense for us to think that our lives are a complete mess and we have no idea where they are going.

Shelly never ceases to defy musical norms and evoke strong feelings in listeners. Because of her distinctive, seductive vocals and captivating presence, this exceptional talent is on her way to becoming a global celebrity.

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