Justin S. Grant Reaches New Heights Securing Two Of His Singles On US Shazam & iTunes Charts

Prolific artist, speaker, author, and entrepreneur Justin S. Grant is on top of his game, securing his spot in the US Shazam and iTunes charts. His hit singles “Fuego N’ Ice” and “@ddicted 2 Mi Phone” are the talk of town with the most unique music. Enjoy the read, and discover more about Justin S. Grant and his music!

“Fuego N’ Ice” came out mid-2021, at a time when most everyone was sick of hearing about COVID, restrictions, lockdowns, etc. “I was inspired to pen a fun fusion song for the dance floor! I hope people will enjoy dancing to the beats, especially as the world opens up again this sweltering summer,” Justin mentioned in an interview. “The inspo for this song is the Ying/Yang nature within a dynamic woman; not meaning good or bad here, but rather she’s sometimes hot, sometimes cold – all natural, normal, necessary. Also, I’ve lived in So. California my entire life, where our culture is permeated with many influences, including Spanish-Mexican-Latin spices, which were blended into this dance tune.” Check out the stunning music video for this piece with around 1 million views right here!

“@ddicted 2 Mi Phone” is another one of Justin S. Grant’s wisdom-charged pieces that has made its way into top charts. With hundreds of thousands of streams, the song makes use of extreme satire and sarcasm to point out a giant flaw in our society, which is being addicted to our screens. In the music video, Justin smiles, talks to his phone, takes it on a romantic date night and to the beach, showing us just how ridiculous our addiction can be. Using distorted imagery and off-kilter synths that amplify the dissonance for the viewer, Justin masterfully gets his point across!

Inspired by the Americana classics like Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and Guns N’ Roses, Justin also lists contemporaries like OneRepublic and Post Malone as his influences. Some of his previous hits include singles like “Naked Night”, “Run Away”, and a beautiful cover of “Wild World”.

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