Explore The Mirage Of Escapism In Anna Thoresen’s Latest Single “party girl’s lament”

Teasing her upcoming EP with the charming “party girl’s lament,” Anna Thoresen conveys a long cry from the traditional female-led ballad. This outstanding artist poignantly shares her darkest thoughts, detailing experiences with drugs, exploitation, and loneliness in a way that brings us closer to the artist’s soul.

Thoresen’s silky vocals slowly lead us into tragic memories while being accompanied by spine-tingling harmonies, serving as a superb example of her original yet skillfully produced approach to storytelling.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “party girl’s lament”, Anna Thoresen mentioned, 

“It honestly all kind of came together by accident. My friend Matt sent me the guitar loop that’s used in the song, and I instantly fell in love with it. It had this vibey, sad feel that I really loved and so, I went through my journal of poems and lyrics that I have and I found a couple of different lines in different songs that I felt went together well, I changed some things around and I ended up with the first verse and chorus, and I had to keep going. A lot of the songs I write are about love or addiction so it wasn’t too difficult to pull from different songs and poems of mine.”

Make sure you keep an eye out for Anna. She’s preparing a new EP and will release it by the end of the year. She’ll also be performing in some live gigs.

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