Bye Dad Drops A New Track “DOMINO”

American alternative hip-hop duo Bye Dad has released a new hit titled “DOMINO.” These Chicago artists have created something so beautiful in “DOMINO” that it will get stuck in your head and you’ll most likely play it on loop.

Every end-of-summer get-together and late-night drive should have “DOMINO” in its playlist. The song incorporates more alternative/experimental elements, such as watery guitar tapping, with r&b-style vocal mixing and rhythms supported by a drum synthesizer. “DOMINO” is about missing monogamy and a certain lover who is called a “domino” because she is prone to falling in love and for crap.

By Dad consists of two Chicago members, Louie Kason and Willie Main. These two outstanding artists convey their tracks with a mixed fuse of house, jazz, and bossa nova elements. Both performers co-produce and compose all of the songs, drawing inspiration from King Krule’s lyrical poetry as well as Smino’s fun production and vocal delivery.

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