Jordan Jones Shares An Impeccable Summer Bop ‘Flawless’

Jordan Jones, a singer-songwriter, offers the feel-good attitude with Flawless. On a backdrop of infectious instrumentals, it’s a retro-sounding energetic love song that switches pace with parts of Soul, R&B, and Pop music. 

Jordan Jones begins with heartfelt vocals over soothing instrumentals before shifting into a more energetic R&B mood. Jordan’s words are engaging and realistic, and he takes you through the movements of what he is feeling throughout the song.

With so-called gurus advising on how to catch a mate nowadays, it’s refreshing to listen to a song that is sincere and direct from the heart.

Talking about the single, Jordan mentions:

“This track is about being in the moment with my person. Sunday vibes only! I dig chillin on a Sunday morning listening to music and not rushing to get out of bed. That’s the vibe I wanted to capture with Flawless.”