Jacob Banks Releases New Album ‘Lies About the War’

Jacob Banks has released a new album. Lies About The War is the British singer’s first true full-length release since Village. His latest album was published on his Nobody Records imprint rather than through a major label.

“It’s about how when soldiers return from war, they tell elaborate stories of what occurred, but this tale of events only comes from their perspective,” Banks explained in a statement about the title.

“It goes to say that the victors seemingly dictate how history is told because they are the ones that made it out. It means that we need to believe we are the heroes of our own story.”

Lies About The War includes the singles “Just When I Thought,” “By Design (Evel Knievel),” and the most recent, “Bang,” featuring Tobe Nwigwe.

Talking about the album, Jacob mentioned:

“Hmm, there’s a song on there called ‘Parachute’ and there’s one called ‘Here Lies The Man That Never Changed’… it’s between those two. There’s a lyric in ‘Parachute’ that says “My parachute won’t open, my parachute is teaching me to fall.” I wrote that song six years ago and it never found the light of day for some reason. I think for the people that like lyrics, they’ll probably like that one.”

Stream Jacob Banks’ new album Lies About The War below.