Exclusive Interview With Dean The Dream, The Artist Behind “Goodbye, Danny” And More

Dean The Dream is set to breathe fresh air into the psychedelic and funk rock scene with his unique sound. The artist recently shared the album Hitchin’ It To Heaven with a lead single “Goodbye, Danny”, and the positive feedback has been pouring above and beyond. Fans love it, critics love it, we love it! We’ve had the chance to briefly chat with Dean The Dream about his latest releases, his music in general, and more. Enjoy the read!

Tell us more about the album Hitchin’ It To Heaven and the overall message or story behind this collection. 

The overall message is completely up to the listener. The story, however, revolves around a heartbroken boy trying to find the courage to love again. Not sure if he succeeds though, it’s up to you.

We loved the music video for “Goodbye, Danny”! Who worked on this project and how does the concept of the clip tie into the ideology of reviving psychedelic and punk rock?

Vikuiam (@vikuiam) created the music video, and I think it helps create that nostalgic psychedelic 70’s feel. It kinda has an old-school, home-recording look, which helps blend into the psychedelia.

At what point in time did you discover your talent and passion for creating music?

I’ve always been an avid music lover- almost to a mental degree, but I started taking it more seriously in the past 4 or 5 years.

How has your music career unfolded so far? What achievements are you most proud of?

To be honest, it hasn’t really unfolded.  A lot of my career so far has been me pushing on against constant pushback and bullshit. I hope this album solidifies some sort of career, though, and makes me a more legit artist. That would be cool. I’m proud of the half a million streams. Just wish it transferred to something more physical.

Describe your music using only three words. 

Poetic, blues, grunge.

Are there any exciting releases on the horizon? 

I have something very very minimal in the works. I hope it comes to fruition, but right now, it ain’t looking too good. I guess you could say it’s more trip-hop/hip-hop influenced. We’ll see what happens with it.

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