Mashonda Releases New Single “Positive Distraction”

With the release of her new track “Positive Distraction,” which she co-wrote and co-produced with The Millennials, singer-songwriter Mashonda has made a comeback.

Of her new track, Mashonda says, 

“I wanted this song to be about someone connecting with a person that makes them completely forget about anyone or anything that has ever hurt them. Nothing else matters because this person gives you a whole new life, they rewrite what love means for you, what romance means for you.”

“Positive Distraction” arrives with an accompanying video directed by Push and Pull Media. 
“I wanted the visual to feel ethereal, sultry and passionate,” she explains. “It presents those intimate and private moments that exist as one daydreams of lovemaking.”

Listen to “Positive Distraction” by Mashonda below.