Watermelon Boy and BRYAN THE MENSAH Drop A Fresh Summer Track “No Problems”

Watermelon Boy and BRYAN THE MENSAH have collaborated once more! Their most recent song, “No Problems,” boasts a bouncy bassline and a huge, open groove. In contrast to society’s expectation of perpetual hustling, BRYAN THE MENSAH‘s topline sings sweetly about spending quality time in the sun and avoiding the rat race. The song is groovy, hooky, and maybe their best effort to date.

No Problems” is filled with the distinctive Watermelon Boy sound’s fuzziness, tuned percussion, and unique rhythms. Their most recent collaboration sparkles with electronic glitz and has a distinctive blend of sounds from the southern continents.

Watermelon Boy on “No Problems”:

“This track has a big, open beat that takes cues from Neptunes and club hip hop from that era, but there’s plenty of Watermelon Boy, summertime feel to it. It’s those tuned percussion and fuzzy synth sounds that I love to use. I’m always trying to evoke the feeling of a holiday in the tropics. That’s my whole thing and Bryan’s vocal on this is spot on, it’s got a shimmer to it like a calm ocean.”

These unquestionable pioneers do things differently and are progressively establishing a distinctive niche for themselves in the music industry since they constantly strive to inspire their audience with a message while giving them the turn-up of their life.

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