Hit-Maker ZeXzy Goes Viral On TikTok With His Smash Single “Obsession”

Famous Nigerian star ZeXzy is the sensation behind the newest TikTok trend. The singer-songwriter’s recent single “Obsession,” featuring Natasha Gartner, has become very popular among the short-form video platform users and has inspired influencers with millions of followers to create content with his music. 

TikTok creators have joined ZeXzy’s love train, making videos that revolve around the sensual and luscious track “Obsession.” The talented musician captures women’s hearts by blending Afro-pop beats, percussion sounds, and sultry chanting together, revealing his versatility and uniqueness. The song helps listeners discover their unutterable desires and takes them on an enchanting journey.

The lyrics that come from ZeXzy’s own personal experiences, brings out Natasha Gartner’s vocal prowess, who flawlessly transmits feelings of longing with her passionate voice, “ZeXzy ZeXzy you Gat me falling/ Your body your body’s always calling/ Something inside me/ Always excites me e e/ Oh oh ZeXzy/ Hmmm you Gat me falling.”

Uwaifo Williams Aituae, also known as ZeXzy is a distinct musician who grew popular thanks to his fearless approach to making music.  Not abiding to the rules and constantly pushing the boundaries, the unabashed artist follows the footsteps of his biggest icons Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious BIG, Bryan Adams, and Tuface Idibia.

“Obsession” is the follow-up to the massive hits “Troway” and “My Mind.” ZeXzy had last shared a five- track EP titled Na Who, which includes the title track, “Middle Finger,” and “Obodo Oyibo.” 

Watch the official music video for “Obsession” here:

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